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Workshop programme and videos



DILL 10 YEARS LATER 2006-2016



Friday 18th March 2016, 13.30-17.30

(You can watch the video recordings on YouTube by clicking on the title of talk)

13.30-15.00 pm

Opening Panel with experts

"A curriculum for the Digital Librarian: knowledge and competencies" Issues, trends, questions, points of view

Chair Anna Maria Tammaro

Ragnar Nordlie (DILL professor, Oslo Ackerius University College)

Graham Walton (Director Loughborough University Library)

Klaus Kempf (Director Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich) [Slides]

"DILL. Digital Libraries and the Next 10 Years" , R. David Lankes  (Siracuse University)


Paper session

New professionals for Digital Library: profiles, competencies and skills

Margareth King (Ireland, DILL 6) " The rise of the Digital Scholarship Librarian: implication in lifelong learning curriculum for digital librarians" [Slides]

Sofia Axonidi (Greece, DILL 7) "Digital Reference Service: what do users expect from Librarians?" [Slides]

Eric Boamah (Ghana, DILL 1) "From friendly discussion to a virtual community of experts: the development of a Digital Library Learning programme" [Slides]



DILL Café " What have I learnt after my DILL experience? What would I want to learn?"

Technological competencies, Research methods competencies, Digital curation & management comeptencies

3 conversation groups, 3 tables chair to report back on highlights of their conversations


16.00-17.00 pm

Posters & Pecha Kucha session

After my DILL experience: career case stories

Digital Librarian Value

Chair Elena Corradini


Erika Grainyte (Lituania, DILL 5), "How DILL's Combo Offer helped me to succed in my career"

Margaret King (Ireland DILL 6), Ksenia Zaytseva (Russia, DILL 5), "Digital Library Training in Digital Humanities Centres: a case study of ACDH"

Carmen Cadenas (Colombia, DILL 9), "The DILL professional as an Ethnographic Researcher: going undercover in the classroom to collect data on the use of digital resources in language learning".



Wrap up and Conclusions

Elena Giusti DILL facts [Slide]

Anna Maria Tammaro, Francesco Zanichelli Wrap up and conclusions



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